Going Green with Your Eyewear

Being eco-friendly is fulfilling and trendy, as well as being responsible. You can use paper bags instead of plastic ones, eat organic food and wear natural fabrics. And by the way your eyewear may also be “green”. Not green like some of the crazy Tom Ford glasses range, but green as in eco friendly!

Eco-friendly eyewear has to meet some of or all these requirements: firstly, they should be healthy for your eyes; secondly they have to be made of some cool eco-materials (something recycled, something natural) and thirdly the brand releasing the glasses should be ecologically conscious ‒ this implies making regular donations to nature-protecting funds and suchlike. Below are some examples of eco-friendliness of some eyewear brands.

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney has in fact created the whole range of fashion products that can be called eco-friendly: the boots with biodegradable soles, the tote bags made by Kenyan artisans (this way they are provided with an interesting job and decent income). And, of course, sustainable sunglasses! The 50% of these ones is composed with the use of natural materials. The eyewear benefits from such natural resources as castor-oil seeds and citric acid.

The renowned Italian brand doesn’t stand aside from the ecological problems either and seeks ways to make its creations sustainable. Like, in 2011 Gucci teamed up with Safilo to create acetate-framed glasses, in which acetate was largely made of natural materials thus providing alternative for the petroleum-derived plastic. In addition to that, sustainable Gucci released sunglasses which were made from the bio-based material produced from castor-oil seeds.

Being green turns out to be quite addictive. So a year later Gucci released bamboo-inspired sunglasses which benefited from a super-innovative material “liquid wood”. This is composed from wood fibres obtained from the sustainably managed forests, plus lignin which is a by-product of paper production. Natural wax completes the eco-mixture. By the way, all the metal details employed in the sunglasses are made from the recycled materials. Gucci actually went beyond that and came up with a nice emission-cutting solution. How is that possible? Very simple ‒ the brand has designed foldable cases that save space and reduce the number of shipments required. Puts a lot of these other brands to shame really!

If you want the eco-spirit of your eyewear to be more visible, you can check out the eyewear collection of Shwood, a very creative Oregon brand. What they make is nature-inspired eyewear pieces. In most designs the emphasis is placed on wood pattern. And their recently designed stone collection is created using slate, wood and pewter. Looks breath-taking.

Of course, these are not the only brands that care about the environment. The trend has become quite contagious. So if you want your eyewear to be completely eco-friendly, check the materials used in the production and the manufacturer’s record of good deeds for the nature. This in fact makes a really exciting reading.

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